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Core Contributor Onboarding
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Onboarding materials for those Open edX community members newly welcomed into the Core Contributor program.

About This Course

When a new Core Contributor is inducted into the Core Contributor Program, they will be automatically invited to join this course. This is a short course meant to orient you to the CC program - covering everything from what legal agreements you need to sign to program expectations to an overview of how you can get even more involved with the community.

Material in this course may be identical to some you've seen before, for example as part of other onboarding courses/materials.

For community members looking to get involved more deeply with the Open edX project, check out the introductory courses available on this site and reach out to the community! That could entail posting in the forums, joining a working group, or participating in Slack conversations.

Course Staff

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Sarina Canelake

Sarina has been working on the Open edX project since 2012. She is the administrator of the Core Contributor program and the Engineering Manager of the Axim Engineering Team. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, you can usually find her grilling, watching Deep Space 9, setting up elaborate Christmas light displays, or playing with her cats: Rupert, Arthur, and Ashley.

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Maria Grimaldi

Maria is a software engineer at eduNEXT and a Core Contributor to the Open edX project, specializing in the Open edX Hooks and Extensions framework. She enjoys traveling, being knowledgeable about all kinds of Venezuelan chocolates, and her adorable lil pug.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm curious about becoming a Core Contributor. Can I take this course?

This course is meant to onboard community members that have been voted in to the Core Contributor program. If you are interested in learning more about the Core Contributor program, check out OEP-54. Use the other course resouces on this site to learn how to join and participate in the community.

Interacting with the community and participating in projects and efforts is the best way to get yourself on the Core Contributor path! Posting in the forums, joining a working group, or participating in Slack conversations are all great ways to become more involved with the Open edX project.

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